About Yes Solutions

Yes Solutions is a leading Dubai based broad range information technology company that has continued to work with its clients through a combination of deep-level business and thorough technical expertise, an extensive knowledge of today’s technologies and a mature, highly capable delivery and services infrastructure. Yes Solutions offers customers’ help to improve processes, reduce data center and infrastructure costs, manage risk and governance and enhance top-line revenue. Our corporate business approach is based on establishing long-term partnerships that encourage success through mutual benefit.

Yes Solutions being proud to be born in the UAE has established strong industry ties with the highest level of accreditation with well known international vendors in addition to a wide variety of interrelated vendors, this enabled Yes Solutions to supply the best ad hoc solutions to its customers through our teams of pre-sales, post sales, project implementation and support experts; it has always maintained a top position in the list of reputable Information technology companies in the UAE.

Yes Solutions has fostered partnerships with the world’s leading technology and medical companies, in addition to that it continues to invest in very talented, skilled personnel which provide round-the-clock support to customers across this technologically growing region. We have established presence in several countries where we operate which gave us strong understanding of local and international requirements, integrated with access to international expertise and the best technologies available.

Yes Solutions works with customers across both the public and private sector thriving to concentrate on the delivery of their core business whilst safe in the knowledge that their Information technology needs are met by our team of astute experts having extensive experience across a multitude of industry verticals including medical, retail, government, telecommunications, oil and gas.

Our Company life

We took what we learned and arrived at the brand message 'go there,' Dr. Abdulla Al Shaibani said. “Our team has a lot of go-getter energy, so we wanted to take that energy and bring it to life, staring with making our employees inspired and happy to work here.

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