Network Support – Windows 10 Privacy

By now, you’ve heard of Windows 10 and some of its features such as a new Start menu, the Cortana virtual assistant, and virtual desktops. If you’re thinking of upgrading to this worthwhile operating system, be aware of some of at least two privacy issues it raises, as explained by CNN Money:

Watching you. By default, the system sends information about you to Microsoft, such as what you write about your contacts or what you say to Cortana. To prevent this from happening, first choose “Custom Install” rather than “Express” during setup. You can then turn off many of the data collection defaults. Then, you’ll need to go into the Privacy option of Settings to turn off additional selections in at least a dozen screens, including General, Feedback and Diagnostics, and Account Info.

Using your bandwidth. By default, Microsoft taps your Internet connection to help other users update their systems or download apps. While this increases the speed of the update for someone else, it also exposes your system to complete strangers who may have less-than-benign shenanigans with your system on their minds. You can turn this facility off by doing a search on “Choose how updates are delivered,” which is under “Advanced Options” of Settings.

Many of these privacy options are well hidden and require both time, effort, and network security expertise to address. If you have any questions about how Windows 10 can affect your privacy and security, or want us to take care of protecting your system, Yes Solution is there for your business protection