IT Security YesSolutions for Your Business's Mobile Devices

You’ve likely heard plenty about IT security, especially if you’ve recently adopted a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy in your business. With the latter referring to mobile devices, you’ve no doubt realized you can’t grow your business without mobile technology. Yet, you keep reading all the statistics about how important mobile security is for companies. Reports are out now showing how the mobile security market will grow more than 30% before the end of the decade.

So how important is mobile and IT security this year for your business? If your employees are already using smartphones and tablets out in the field, you’re likely storing some important data there. Without proper encryption methods, or proper backup for storing your data, you’re now playing major risk.

If your business uses mobile devices for transactions or storing general data from customers, it’s already vulnerable to online thieves. Encryption methods are still a much-discussed topic in the IT world, and finding proper encryption for mobile devices is still challenging. Hackers might seem ahead on this matter, though it isn’t necessarily the case.

When you have an IT firm with consulting experience, you’ll have a team that understands the best encryption methods available. This is because IT consultants work in the field and know what’s really going on in the real world.

This also goes for methods of backup, something you need to think seriously about with your mobile devices. Even though many mobile services provide backup services, security there is still a question mark. The iCloud incident from this last year is a good example, no matter if Apple no doubt amended things.

Still, when it comes to backing up in the cloud, you need assured monitoring around the clock. With the right cloud solution, this method of security is the best around. Combined with firewalls (for unreliable Wi-Fi signals) and protection from viruses, you’ll have the best comprehensive protection to feel confident using mobile tech in your company.

Here at Solid IT Solutions, Inc., we live up to our name by providing everything you need in the way of IT security in one place. We’re there with quick IT support and in finding solutions while working as consultants for Yes Solutions businesses.

Contact us at Solid IT Solutions in Yes Solutions to find out more about what we offer if you’re currently expanding the role of mobile technology in your business. Don’t go blissfully unaware of the security dangers out there without knowing how to protect your valuable data.