Microsoft Office 365

For two decades, Microsoft Office has been the big cheese when it comes to how work gets done. Applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook email, are used by BILLIONS of students, teachers, employees, employers EVERY DAY. (More than 1.2 billion people use Office. That’s one in seven people on the planet. Source: Microsoft 2015)

Tech companies come up with upgrades of popular products at regular intervals. It’s obviously to make you realize how technologically challenged and obsolete you and your products are. (Pay back for calling them nerds and ostracizing them in college).

So what is it?

Well, the idea behind Office 365 is to make buying a legit copy of Office reasonable for everyone. Why would you want it to be affordable you ask? We’ve listed out some spiffy set of extra’s it comes with:

Each Office 365 subscription comes with updates to Office. So you don’t have to repeatedly purchase a new version of Office every 3 years or so. So, when Microsoft inevitably introduces a new version users will get it with their subscription as well. Woot. Tech that updates itself.

Office 365 subscribers get more cloud storage (around 20GB!). Users can access their documents on their smartphone, tablet or the web. That’s a big win since that storage can be used to backup stuff on your PC and smartphone too. It’s a CLOUD PARTY. Get your tech out.

Microsoft also throws in 60 minutes of monthly Skype calls with Office 365. Office 365 subscribers can place calls to land lines phones for free. APPRECIATED. This Skype credit can be used on mobile phones and tablets too.

Microsoft has also introduced versions of Office for the iPhone and devices running the Android operating system. This makes it convenient for those doing business while on the go. To access these mobile versions you would need an Office365 subscription. Work can be done anywhere!

Now, if you stop paying for Office 365, the app will stop working. However, the great thing is that you can still open those documents and create new ones in the free Office Online web app, until you subscribe to the service again.

Convenient, efficient, reliable and cost-effective. A single suite of apps at a sweet deal. Go on, treat yourself. Want to know how you can use this in your business? Why not give us a shout.